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Public Administration Capabilities for Digital and Sustainable Transition

Project description

Creating better research centres for public administration

The pressures of adapting to the digital transition, rapid technological advancement and climate change are straining public administrations that aim to assess and deal with these changes for a sustainable future and improved policymaking. To support the adaptation, the EU-funded PADST project will gather talented and expert researchers who will transform European universities, including TalTech, into state-of-the-art research centres. The project will encourage research into public administration and policymaking in view of climate change and the digital transition, laying the foundations for a generation perfectly prepared to overcome these challenges.


Public administrations across Europe face double pressure to adjust to the digital age while inducing sustainable development. As they do so, the governments need to develop new, and redevelop old, public administration and policy capabilities. The current project rests on the assumption that public administrations form a pivotal yet often neglected cog in social shaping of technological progress driving the sustainable future. The objective of the PAFSD project is to create a new generation world-class research, teaching and knowledge transfer capabilities at the cross-roads of public administration, digital transformation and sustainable transition at TalTech, Estonia. This will be achieved by complementing the existing unique knowledge base of TalTech with training a new generation early-career researchers, exchanging new knowledge between senior researchers and support staff, developing new educational capabilities, actively engaging in policy networks internationally, enhancing organizational capabilities and doing a hands-on small-scale research project. The PADST project will pool the competences of three of the leading European research universities - KU Leuven, Universiteit Utrecht, and University College London - with TalTech to develop an international cutting-edge research center studying and shaping public administration capabilities fit for the digital and sustainable future in Estonia, Europe and beyond.


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€ 729 687,50

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