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Non-standard data and image processing - from nonlinear Optics to Quantum computing

Project description

Research into nonlinear optical phenomena could advance quantum computing

The MSCA-funded OptiQ project will focus on further understanding (nonlinear) quantum optics phenomena that are relevant for quantum computing, especially quantum image processing and security. The project consortium will focus on entangled photon production and its application to qubit generation, quantum security, quantum blockchain technology and quantum communication. Particular attention will be paid to the wide and efficient dissemination and communication of project results. OptiQ will strengthen the career perspectives of the participating scientists and increase the global competitiveness of the European Research Area and of European industry in quantum computing and communication.


The OptiQ project is focused on non-standard data and image processing methods which will lead to advances in quantum computing (QC). The project is designed as a platform for collaboration of academia (Silesian University of Technology in Poland), research (Austrian Institute of Technology and Security Business Austria) and industry (Boson Energy from Luxemburg, LG Nexera from Vienna, and Envelo from Warsaw) in a common purpose to achieve beyond state-of-the-art progress in applications of quantum optics phenomena for quantum communication and computation, in particular for quantum image processing and security. The deployment potential of these latter applications will be exploited by Boson Energy in green energy sector and by Envelo in digital secure communication, respectively. Through common implementation of an ambitious research programme, the project will generate novel skills for all consortium participants. Interdisciplinary and intersectoral staff training will serve as a basis for technology transfer and knowledge sharing between participants leading to elaboration and implementation of desired solutions. In this way, the project will strengthen collaboration between Beneficiaries in quantum computing and communication (QCC) and in optical image processing (OIP). In particular, the Consortium will focus on technology of entangled photons production and its application to Qbit building, quantum security, quantum block-chain technology and quantum communication. To facilitate contact with quantum optics, an Augmented Reality aided simulator & designer of optical quantum setups will be also developed. Particular attention will be paid to wide and efficient dissemination and communication. Due to these measures, OptiQ project will strengthen career perspectives of participating scientists, become the foundation for lasting collaborations in exploitation of results, and increase competitiveness of European Research Area and industry on the world’s QCC scene.


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