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CARinata and CamelINA to boost the sustainable diversification in EU farming systems

Project description

New oil crops that can grow almost everywhere

Rich in fatty acids, oilseed crops can be used for the production of detergents and lubricants (instead of fossil-based feedstocks). However, oil crop production for bioenergy, biofuels and biomaterials/bioproducts competes for land use with oil crops for food. A solution may be found in two new oilseed crops, carinata and camelina. The EU-funded CARINA project will focus on innovative farming systems for these crops, which can grow almost everywhere in Europe and Northern Africa. They also provide high quality oils that will be transformed into innovative biobased products (bioherbicides, bioplastics). What’s more, the co-product from oil extraction from these crops is a protein-rich cake that can be used as animal feed. The CARINA solution will benefit approximately three million farmers.


CARINA is built on a multi-actor consortium and participative decision-making process through mutual learning, transparent communication, and inclusive multi-perspectives and transdisciplinary engagement. From the proposal clearly emerges the importance of social innovation as the nerve center for the evolution of the whole project. Nine Lighthouses, 5 Living Labs, and 9 Policy Innovation Labs will be established across Europe playing a leading role in the co-creation of CARINA innovation actions. CARINA focuses on new sustainable and diversified farming systems including 2 new oilseed crops, carinata and camelina, able to provide multiple low iLUC feedstocks for the bio-based economy. We firmly believe that a participatory approach is necessary for successfully scaling-up innovative farming systems. Engaging farmers and other stakeholders in jointly developing solutions under specific environmental, technical, and social conditions has been highly considered in CARINA. We estimate about 3M farmers being potentially reached by CARINA thanks to the direct cooperation with its partners. To find a broad consensus by primary producers, a new crop should enable to promote and harness biodiversity, be easy-to-grow, and technically feasible within current cropping systems. Carinata and camelina fully meet these requirements, able to successfully grow almost everywhere in Europe and in northern Africa. Carinata and camelina provide high quality oils that will be transformed into innovative bio-based products (bioherbicides, bioplastics). The co-product from oil extraction is a protein-rich cake, which will be valorized as animal feed, and in a multitude of high added-value products, exploiting the mucilage and glucosinolates contained within. CARINA capitalizes on a highly experienced team of 20 partners, +6 affiliated entities, from 13 EU and Associated Countries (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, UK, Serbia, Tunisia, Morocco, Switzerland).


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