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Deep Brain Neuromodulation using Temporal Interference Magnetic Stimulation


Five out of ten diseases leading to long term-disability are related to the brain, including stroke, depression or dementia. Despite tremendous progress in neurotechnology, there is still no effective treatment option available for many brain-related disorders. A very promising approach to treat brain disorders uses transcranial electric or magnetic stimulation (TES/TMS) to directly influence brain activity related to specific symptoms. However, these methods are limited in their spatial resolution, specificity and ability to reach deep brain areas. The aim of the proposed project is to develop a technical and experimental proof-of-concept for a new non-invasive tool that allows for millimeter- and millisecond-precise modulation of neural activity in superficial and deep areas of the human brain. Capitalizing on temporal interference effects, the device will apply high carrier frequency magnetic fields through a pair of coils. By modulating their relative phase, the combined fields will induce a locally amplitude-modulated electric field in the brain. As neural tissue is insensitive to unmodulated high-frequency fields (>1kHz), but responds to low-frequency amplitude-modulated fields, only brain regions will be stimulated where the combined field is amplitude-modulated. Building on the resulting versatility of stimulation frequencies and waveforms, we aim at providing proof for cell-type specificity of such temporal interference magnetic stimulation (TIMS). Moreover, we aim at providing proof for the feasibility of targeting neural activity at millisecond-to-millisecond precision. Availability of such device offering high spatial resolution, depth selectivity, steerability, as well as closed-loop-compatibility and cell-type specificity would mark a major break-through for clinical neuroscience. Together with two partners from industry and a partner for technology transfer, we strive for fast translation of expected research results into innovative products.


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