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Scallable COntroller for Power Sources

Project description

GaN transistors go to space

Gallium nitride (GaN) transistors have a variety of applications, from electric vehicles to phone chargers. They can also be used to power applications needed to support space missions. However, GaN transistors are not without challenges. To enable a new generation of power converters in space, GaN devices need to be specifically designed. The EU-funded SCOPS project will design and evaluate the performance in space of an application-specific integrated circuit. The aim is to control several power supply phases in parallel using a non-dependent supply chain. To do so, SCOPS will provide the space community with a flexible circuit that can overcome the limitations of existing controllers in terms of phase paralleling possibilities, performance, features and radiation robustness.


To face the increased needs on current consumptions, some new technologies are introduced in power conversion stages (mainly owing to the introduction of GaN transistors).
Few years ago, the Si Transistors as switches was the device limiting the performance and the market was dominated by US manufacturers in a monopoly for space application with high costs (need of specific design and foundries to face the radiation environment). This also lead to EU dependence to US export control restrictions. The introduction of GaN transistors allow to get better performances and also EU non dependence as some initiative promote European supply chain (as shown in H2020 EleGaNt on-going project).
But now, the main integration & performance limitation is now the controller of the power stages available in the market :
- Performance : limited switching frequency operation due to :
o Device technology : most of them in the market are in bipolar technology (slow & power consumption)
o Radiation sensitivity : heavy ions can cause transients that are to be filtered (slowing down the performances)
o Power consumption of the controller itself
Functionality :
Many functions are set owing to external parts (fine analog tuning, switching fThe SCOPS (Scalable Controller fOr Power Sources) This project sets one clear and measurable main objective:

To design and evaluate the performance in space environment of Application Specific Integrated Circuit, nameds SCOPS, to control several power supply phases in parallel, using non-dependent supply chain.

To do so, it is necessary that SCOPS provides the Space Community with:
1. A flexible SCOPS Circuit that overcomes the limitations of existing controllers in terms of phase paralleling possibilities, performance, feature and radiation robustness.
2. A fair commercialization and intellectual property management to allow the purchase of the SCOPS outcomes at a competitive cost in front of its non-European alternatives for space applications.



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