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Project description

Innovative membrane materials keeping the chemical industry on the green path

Membranes are selective barriers separating two phases, regulating the transport of various chemical species between the two compartments. The EU-funded MEASURED project aims to develop advanced membrane materials for pervaporation (PV), membrane distillation (MD) and gas separation (GS), setting the basis for the commercialisation of greener technological pathways all along the value chain. The planned PV, MD and GS prototypes will reach TRL7, with operation times exceeding 20 000 hours. MEASURED will model the material properties across scales and conduct a full life cycle assessment analysis. It will also address societal implications to increase the acceptance and market readiness of the technologies.


The project MEASURED aims at developing and demonstrating at TRL7 advanced membrane materials for Pervaporation (PV), Membrane Distillation (MD) and Gas Separation (GS) technologies applied to acrylic ester production, membrane manufacturing and gas separation from a carbon capture & utilization (CCU) stream.

PV targets 1 m2 of membrane processing H2O flux > 1.0 kg/m2·hr using a 55-channel tube in the industrial setting of ARKEMA, a stability > 90% over 3 months of testing, resulting in a CAPEX 30% lower compared to current cost - from 2100 €/m2 to 1500 €/m2.

MD aims at treating the daily amount of generated wastewater (70 L/h) from the manufacturing facility of PVDF membranes at GVS Spa with energy supply via about 100 Solar/Photovoltaic collectors, showing higher chemical resistance (> 10%), >25% reduction of water footprint, permeability of reused MD for Microfiltration > 500 L/m2·hr·bar.

GS prototype will be scaled-up to a membrane area of 1.2 m2/module using a 61-channel tube installed downstream the GAYA methanation unit of Engie, reducing the membrane cost (produced at large scale) from 1944 €/m2 to 795 €/m2 (almost 60%).

At the end of the project, the integrated MEASURED technologies will reach a TRL7 demonstration over 20,000 hours operation under (industrial) operational conditions. MEASURED includes a thorough multiscale modelling and simulation techniques including a full Life Cycle Assessment and addresses the societal implications to increase the acceptance and further market readiness.

The interdisciplinary consortium – overall 17 participants: 2 SMEs, 7 industries and 8 Universities/research centers – will comprehensively study the development of advanced materials, reactor design and process configuration to identify the most sustainable options from a demonstration, techno-economic and environmental point of view.


Net EU contribution
€ 866 502,39
5612 AE Eindhoven

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 866 502,39

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