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Fostering a Human-Centered, Trustworthy and Sustainable Internet

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Building an efficient and safe internet of the future

Wireless communication systems have made rapid progress over the years. With the 5G mobile network rolling out worldwide as the new standard for broadband cellular networks, Beyond 5G and the next generation 6G networking technologies are promising to break new ground in terms of digital technologies reach throughout our private and work lives. This reach and the vast amounts of data collected from people, operations and more create a critical need for safety, privacy and fair use of data. The EU-funded TrustChain project aims to help build a future where the internet is based on the highest levels of ethics, standards and rights established by the United Nations. The project will collaborate with internet innovators to develop solutions to challenges regarding issues of security, trust, efficiency and privacy that plague current data ecosystems and the internet.


The overall objective of TrustChain is to create a portfolio of Next Generation Internet protocols and an ecosystem of decentralised software solutions that reach the highest standards of humanity such as those chartered by the United Nations including the respect of human rights, ethics, sustainability, energy efficiency, our care for the environment and our respect for the World’s cultural history.
TrustChain will tackle several challenges pertaining to trustworthy and reliable digital identity, to resilient, secure and reliable data pathways, to economics and trading of data, to energy efficiency for data storage, transport and sharing, to seamless services and data flows. A new trustworthy data governance and sharing model in line with the European regulatory framework and taking into account European values will be developed that will ensure Trusted Data Ecosystems.
Third party top Internet innovators will be selected through 5 open calls focus on topics of the (1) Decentralised digital identity, (2) the User privacy and data governance, (3) Economics and democracy, (4) Multi chains support for NGI protocols, and (5) Green scalable and sustainable DLTs, which is an essential need of the day.
TrustChain addresses the second research area of the Human 01-03 call in particular to tackle the current limitations of decentralised technologies, such as Blockchain and DLT, including those related to scalability, interoperability, energy efficiency, privacy or security, in order to make them dependable building blocks of the future Internet. TrustChain will explore DLT-based solutions, enabling the exploitation of data coming from a high number and various types of sources, eliminating data silos through decentralised and interoperable approaches, while helping individuals and organisations better govern their data when they participate in joint value chains where cooperating partners can also be competitors.


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