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Creating FUTUre societal RESILIENCE through innovative, science-based co-creation labs

Project description

Increasing capacities to prepare for future crises

Multiple, overlapping and interconnected crises have become increasingly frequent. It is therefore important to ensure that the EU is able to anticipate and quickly respond to them. In this context, the EU-funded FUTURESILIENCE project will enhance Europe’s societal resilience by strengthening its ability to respond to crises. Specifically, the project will facilitate the effective use of policy-relevant R&I findings for policymakers. This will be accomplished by mapping existing European R&I findings and testing policy design through multi-stakeholder experiments. The project will set up "Future Resilience Labs" to test policy-relevant R&I findings through 10 pilot exercises. As a result, the project will produce an openly accessible knowledge base and toolbox. The consortium has expertise in resilience, R&I policy, crisis management, and co-creation methodologies.


The FUTURESILIENCE project aims to strengthen European economic and social resilience through an enhanced ability to quickly respond to future crises. This will be accomplished by facilitating the fast and effective use of policy relevant research and innovation (R&I) findings for actors at national, regional and local level. The project has four specific objectives:
1) Map existing policy relevant European R&I findings with high potential to inform policy making for economic and social resilience, and to help address societal challenges at local level
2) Define a set of methodologies for testing in how far the identified R&I findings can inform policies addressing national, regional and local needs
3) Implement the testing methodologies through multi-stakeholder experiments across Europe in co-creation with stakeholders from research, policy, economy, civil society organisations as well as citizens
4) Develop a Knowledge Base of the successfully tested research findings with high capacity to inform policy actors and a Toolbox of methods for testing policy relevant research findings
FUTURESILIENCE will set up 'Future Resilience Labs' to test policy relevant R&I findings through 10 pilot exercises: three pre-identified working on climate change, migration and the financial crisis and urban planning; and seven selected through an open call. During the experimentation, multiple stakeholders will discuss and test evidence-based strategies tailored to their specific context and matching their local needs, aiming at reducing vulnerabilities and increasing capacities to be prepared for multiple types of possible crisis.
The project will be implemented by a robust consortium with know-how in the fields of resilience, R&I policy and crisis management as well as experience with various co-creation and participative methodologies and specifically hands-on experience with foresight, scenario planning, virtual simulation and agent-based modelling.


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