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building vascular networks and Blood-Brain-Barriers through a Biomimetic manufacturing Technology for the fabrication of Human tissues and ORgans

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Advanced tissue engineering for organ repair

Shortage of donor organs or tissue grafts significantly limits the clinical outcome of many diseases as well as trauma. Tissue engineering efforts have made significant progress in recent years, but so far cannot recapitulate the full architecture and function of native tissues, except for avascular tissues such as cartilage and skin. Funded by the European Innovation Council, the THOR project aims to develop a new tissue engineering technology that can produce any type of human tissue for organ repair or replacement. The technology will use self-assembling molecules, polymeric fibres and functionalisation to fabricate patient-tailored tissues in fully automated production plants. The generated tissues/organs will be well vascularised and fully functioning, revolutionising the field of transplantation.


Tenths of millions of people with organ failures or suffering from degenerative diseases are waiting for a novel cellular therapy or for a transplant of a donor compatible organ and the immense majority of these patients will die before receiving the tissue or organ they need. Despite the significant advances in tissue engineering, not a single artificial tissue has been used to replace a part of an organ, with the exception of simple or avascular tissues like skin or cartilage. THOR proposes the development of a revolutionary tissue engineering technology, capable to produce any type of human tissue for organ repair or replacement in case of illness, trauma or degenerative diseases. Patient-tailored tissues will be fabricated by pools of bioinspired mini-robots in fully automated production plants, using the breakthrough incremental technologies of the THOR project: self-assembling molecules inspired to the extracellular matrix; self-assembling solid and hollow polymeric fibers; materials functionalization using photoactivable crosslinkers; cutting-edge mini robots to wave 3D self-assembling structures with factors and cells with micrometric precision. THOR tissue arises from high-resolution 3D spatial positioning of self-assembling structures, angiogenic factors and relevant cell lineages, reprogrammed and expanded in a dedicated bioreactor under controlled conditions. Our long-term vision encompasses (1) the establishment of a Tissue Engineering industry for personalized organ repair, producing any type of well vascularized and fully functioning tissues and (2) the maintenance of such tissues alive for long periods of time, for an easy transportation to hospitals and clinics, even far from the big cities. THOR will foster the rise of a new industry and of a new biomedical field, while cadaveric donors' transplants will not be necessary.

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