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nEXT gEneration of multifuNctional, moDular and scalablE soliD state batteries system

Project description

Adaptable and sustainable battery pack system for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles present a promising and sustainable alternative to current vehicles, which produce significant amounts of carbon and noise emissions. However, achieving efficient and widespread use of electric cars requires the development of batteries capable of efficiently powering these vehicles. The EU-funded EXTENDED project aims to create and showcase an innovative battery pack system. This system is designed to achieve unparalleled efficiency, enhance sustainability, extend operational lifetime and substantially decrease charging durations. Moreover, the battery pack will possess the ability to adapt for stationary applications or within the aeronautics industry. Furthermore, it can be upscaled for deployment in larger vehicles. It will also incorporate advanced battery management systems to ensure optimal performance.


The EXTENDED overall objective is to design, develop and validate the next-generation battery pack systems that will be an answer to the unmet need for mass-market take-up of electrical vehicles and applications by developing efficient, lightweight, eco-designed and multi-life battery pack systems with substantially reduced charging times, passenger car ranges beyond 500 km under normal driving conditions with an optimized energy storage capacity, a lifetime of at least 300,000 km and being monitored with an advanced Battery Management System developed for 1st and 2nd life. The developed technologies and solutions will be optimized for applications such as stationary and aeronautics. The battery system will be developed based on solid state battery technology with almost double energy density compared to conventional lithium ion batteries. This will be the first time that a large solid state battery cell (30Ah) will be implemented in EU research projects. A set of 6 Specific Research objectives (SROs) are defined below, which support the overall objective of the project, to develop the next generation battery pack system from its innovative elements and parts to a next generation battery pack system validated under real life conditions. The overall objective is besides specific research objectives also supported by a set of dissemination and exploitation objectives (DEOs, see section 2.2) and communication objectives (COs, see section 2.2.1).
To achieve those challenging and innovative targets, the EXTENDED project is composed of 19 partners from 10 EU countries. The geographical distribution, expertise complementarity, positioning within the technology value chain, academic versus industrial profiles and recognizable completeness of this consortium.


Net EU contribution
€ 746 250,00

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Total cost
€ 930 500,00

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