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Ai-aided deCision tool for seamless mUltiModal nEtwork and traffic managemeNt

Project description

A data-driven solution for urban mobility

In today’s increasingly congested urban landscapes, efficient transportation has become a pressing challenge. Traffic gridlock, safety concerns, and environmental issues all demand innovative solutions. In this context, the ACUMEN project proposes a cutting-edge, privacy-preserving, data-driven digital paradigm aimed at streamlining network management. Its goal? To enable seamless door-to-door journeys, enhance network-level safety and resilience, and contribute significantly to the transport objectives outlined in the Green Deal. At the heart of ACUMEN lies the concept of a modular, multi-layered digital twin. This high-fidelity representation of complex real-world systems creates a digitised version of sustainable, connected urban mobility. Complemented by plug-in modules or digital tools, ACUMEN harnesses the power of AI to support mobility management and decision-making.


Ai-aided deCision tool for seamless mUltiModal nEtwork and traffic managemeNt (ACUMEN) proposes a generic, privacy-preserving, data-driven modular digital paradigm for advanced network management, which aims at enabling efficient and reliable door-to-door journeys for people and goods, increased safety and resilience at the network level, and to make a critical contribution to achieving the transport goals set forth in the green deal. The main concept developed in ACUMEN is a modular, multi-layered Digital Twin (DT), a high-fidelity representation of integrated and interacting real complex systems, ultimately forming a digitised version of seamless and sustainable, connected urban mobility. This is complemented by plug-in modules, or digital tools, which represent the outcomes of the models (physics-based or data-driven based), data (including that generated via AI/ML approaches using said models), and simulation tools at the disposal of a city/road authority/mobility service provider. AI-powered digital tools supporting mobility management and decision-making, exploiting the modular DT architecture, will be developed by leading academic and research partners, in close cooperation with global industry partners and stakeholders. The DT platform will be demonstrated and validated through a set of comprehensive and carefully selected use cases, co-created with stakeholders, involving different scales and urban forms, to challenge the capabilities of ACUMEN with a diverse range of transport management problems and applications. The ACUMEN consortium (6 Universities - one is the Coordinator, 6 Industrial partners, 2 RTOs , 3 stakeholders) has been formed to address a combination of technical and implementation challenges to develop and successfully launch ACUMEN as a solution for policy makers and stakeholders in transport.


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