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Female Bodies in Sacred Spaces: Re-evaluating Women’s Agency in the Greek World.

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Empowered women in the heart of antiquity

The role of women in Ancient Greece has long been marred by a troubling narrative. Often depicted as powerless and excluded figures, their true agency in the Greek sacred world remained concealed. With the support of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the FemBod project is rewriting history. Specifically, it will use an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, including cognitive archaeology, to reassess women’s role in Ancient Greek sacred spaces. This transformative research unveils a compelling narrative of female agency, demonstrating how women played a vital role in the success of ancient rituals. By deciphering the historical context and ancient mindset, the project reveals why women were deeply involved.


The project aims at re-evaluating women’s agency in the Greek sacred world through the application of an innovative and interdisciplinary approach encompassing cognitive archaeology. The role of women in Ancient Greece has been either overlooked or described as powerless, controlled and excluded by scholars (Hogbin, 1970; Spain, 1992). This research overturns this narrative by revealing evidence of powerful female agency in the Ancient Greek sacred space through a cognitive reading of the historical context and ancient mind which will also explain the reasons why women were highly involved and how their agency was fundamental for successful rituals.


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