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Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now

Project description

Mitigating risks and restoring Europe’s contaminated soils

Sites contaminated by persistent chemicals (PFAS, organochlorine/bromine contaminants, petroleum-coal, and metals) have left vast areas tainted. This poses great risks to human health, nature, drinking water, food production, and landowners investments. The EU-funded ARAGORN project offers a comprehensive framework to identify options to reduce risks, and an ability to not only remediate but also restore the health of soils, ecosystems, and their resilience. Specifically, the project will build on existing experiences and introduce mapping, sampling, and monitoring tools. Moreover, it will test remediation technologies and restoration practices fit for each site and contaminants present, taking into account local financial, spatial, and cultural boundaries. Through co-creation processes, ARAGORN will provide options to private and public decision-makers on how best to deal with contaminated soils.


Soil contamination is a severe hazard to humans and the environment. We propose Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now (ARAGORN) through development and implementation of a complete framework. The framework starts from the identification of contaminated sites and presents a decision-making tree to identify remediation and restoration strategies, and contribute to the aims of the EU Soil Strategy. The framework is grounded in scientific progress and adapted to fully support public and private land managers to take effective actions to protect, remediate and restore the environment on Europe’s polluted soils.

ARAGORN will provide better insights into contaminated sites and improve remediation and restoration decision-making by implementing robust mapping and monitoring tools that are fit-for-purpose and covers a wide range of contaminants. Neglected hotspot polluted sites will be identified by fit-for-purpose monitoring and decision strategies. This will enable public and private stakeholders of contaminated sites to move from regrettable remediation to restorative remediation.

ARAGORN will compile and test remediation strategies and sustainable soil decontamination solutions, and will develop and put in practice nature-based solutions, improve knowledge on biodiversity and deliver a framework for step-by-step decision making in terms of what is the best approach for resilient restoration in various European countries. The complete framework will be developed together with strategic engagement of land managers throughout Europe, and by rooting knowledge through co-creative processes and sustainable infrastructures.

The implementation will be done through a strong team of multidisciplinary scientists and practitioners with ongoing commitments with a diverse set of stakeholders across Europe at the local, national and EU level. We will interlink land managers and sectors across Europe to take effective action on soil health and provide longevity links and support to several EU policy and international commitments.



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