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Promoting ocean and water literacy in school communities

Project description

Diving into ocean education

The world’s oceans and freshwater bodies are threatened by pollution, ecosystem degradation and waning biodiversity. Urgent action is required to ensure the survival of these vital resources. In this context, the EU-funded ProBleu project aims to address the gaps in environmental education, foster a sense of responsibility towards water bodies and inspire behavioural change. As part of the Network of European Blue Schools, ProBleu sets out to make waves in the realm of ocean and water literacy. Specifically, it will introduce innovative resources grounded in open schooling methods. Not confined within classroom walls, the project fosters connections between communities and their local waters. It empowers students to contribute meaningfully to ocean and water literacy.


ProBleu will expand and support the Network of European Blue Schools, attract a wide diversity of new members, improve ocean and water literacy across school communities, and contribute to the objectives of the Mission, in particular (1) to protect marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, and (2) to prevent and eliminate pollution. ProBleu recognises that a significant change in environmental education is needed to foster broad societal responsibility towards oceans and waters and to encourage related behavioural change. ProBleu will develop and offer a pool of innovative, practical resources based on methodologies of Open Schooling. Besides several actions to promote, encourage participation in, and increase the diversity of the Network, two resources, currently lacking from the majority of school curricula, are explored in ProBleu: (1) those related to what is collectively known as ‘citizen science’, with work undertaken by educators together with communities to advance science, foster a broad scientific mentality, or encourage democratic engagement, which allows society to deal rationally with complex modern problems, and (2) the interaction with scientists in the field. Collecting and analysing data through citizen science ensures that student activities contribute directly to fostering their ocean and water literacy. Students engaging with the work of scientists (e.g. through direct interaction, or following the work on ocean research cruises) have shown improvements in learning in the past, but this opportunity tends to be limited to relatively few or privileged schools. These resources will be complemented by stimulating the connection between people and the places where they live. By fostering relationships between the school communities and their local waters, ProBleu will assist schools in developing project activities related to the Mission.


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