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Cross-KIC Global Outreach


The Cross-KIC Global Outreach programme was established in 2018 to act as a bridge, linking the EIT’s innovation ecosystem with those of innovation valleys around the world, forging synergies with global innovation leaders and creating significant value for the European economy, alongside the local ecosystems. The cluster currently comprises a well established and successful EIT Hub in Israel, and an additional global platform dedicated to expanding the reach of EIT to new locations, is planned to be established in 2023 as will be detailed in this business plan, under the new leadership of EIT Health.
The Global Outreach programme creates significant value for the EIT Community, as well as the outreach location, with tangible success stories and concrete results from the past 4 years of activity. These stand to show the significant collaborations that have been forged in each outreach location, the impact of creating significant ties between Europe and these strategic global innovation valleys. The strong brand awareness that has been carefully crafted, and the intricate thought process that has been put into creating a strong foundation for each hub.
This business plan for the next three years, 2023 - 2025 builds upon this strong foundation that has been established, and lays out the groundwork for further strengthening the existing Israel hub and creating a flexible and “on demand” global platform that will further expand EIT’s global footprint. The growth of the Global Outreach programme with an additional global platform with programmes in multiple locations will be based upon the scale of successful programmes that have a strong foundation, and adapting them to the needs and risks of the local ecosystems.
The BP will show the strengthening and expansion of the Global Outreach programme stands in EIT’s best interests, connecting talents, knowledge and key players worldwide to tackle societal challenges.


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