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Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem


FINE aims to create more inclusive and connected networks between Fintech ecosystems on a local and international level, by promoting collaboration between investors through coinvestment for Fintech startups, thus creating a richer investment climate that will support innovation and company scale-up across borders. FINE will conduct a mapping of key ecosystem players in target countries, ranging from developed to less-developed Fintech environments, to create a KnowledgeBase containing information relevant to investing in that country including key players, regulatory frameworks, and up-to-date news articles covering local investment trends and opportunities. FINE will promote an inclusive investment ecosystem, by creating educational material on an online InvestorAcademy that empowers new investors, young investors, and women and minority investors to learn investment fundamentals and case-specific knowledge about investing in Fintech. FINE will actively manage community-building activities between investors and local networks across countries by developing a matchmaking tool and animating introductions, events, workshops, webinars and other activities. FINE will also set up a Fintech Ambassador Network to support international investment and provide expertise to local and foreign actors. Policy recommendations will be formulated concerning strategies to attract investors in emerging ecosystems, and how to attract new investors, young investors, women investors and other underrepresented groups. Moreover, recommendations on incorporating ESG principles in the investment screening process will be created. Hence, FINE aims to bring new investment and capital to less-connected ecosystems, enabling late-stage growth of local start-ups, by facilitating and animating increased investor deals with local actors, and improving investor knowledge on regulatory frameworks and opportunities, while supporting more inclusive and gender-equal measures in investment.


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