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Double-Active Membranes for a sustainable CO2 cycle


The exploitation of fossil fuels brought our ecosystem on the edge of catastrophic changes. Mankind’s current challenge is to reverse the increase of greenhouse gases emissions to mitigate the serious consequences on the global climate.
In this scenario, the transition of modern society to a more sustainable and circular economy must be accelerated. One of the key pillars of this transition is the implementation of a sustainable CO2 cycle, based on net-zero emissions Carbon Capture and Utilization processes. Membrane-based technologies could play a pivotal role to bring this vision closer to reality. Indeed, thanks to their high efficiency, scalability, easy operability, they are candidates for the efficient capture and use of CO2. The goal of DAM4CO2 is to develop a novel membrane technology for the simultaneous CO2 separation and its photocatalytic conversion to C4+ molecules, as renewable fuels. DAM4CO2 will overcome the conventional membrane technologies by developing double active membranes (DAMs) with a durable and highly selective gas separation layer and a photocatalytic layer able to simultaneously combine in one pot reverse water gas shift (RWGS) and Fisher-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) to obtain C4+ molecules. The project will deliver a prototype, designed using the design-build-test-learn approach, for a proof-of-concept validation in lab-conditions. Close attention will be paid to the use of non-critical raw materials at every stage of the process, and the carbon-neutrality of the entire process will be certified by a full life cycle analysis. DAM4CO2 brings together the complementary expertise of our team in the areas of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering for the development, synthesis, and characterization of the starting materials, and for the design, construction, and application of membrane modules. DAM4CO2 will implement a sustainable, cost and energy effective net zero carbon CO2 cycle.


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