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Modelling and Interdisciplinary SCience for the Ecological trAnsition: building the worlds of tomorrow

Project description

Interdisciplinary research for ecological and energy transitions

Climate change presents critical challenges to humanity, demanding swift ecological and energy transitions. Addressing these challenges means acquiring new knowledge for cleaner energy production, sustainable construction, and assessing the impact of extreme weather on populations and structures. It is crucial to consider the societal implications of these transitions. The MSCA-funded MISCEA project aims to contribute to ecological and energy transitions through interdisciplinary research on the project scale. It endeavours to train 18 PhD scientific leaders and decision-makers, fostering excellence in transitions. The project builds on the research proficiency of 12 labs overseen by Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and collaborates with the private sector. The recruitment process adheres to best practices, placing a strong emphasis on diversity and excellence.


Humanity is facing critical challenges due to climate change and the absolute need for rapid ecological and energy transitions is not disputed. To address these challenges, new knowledge to produce cleaner energy, build and adapt our environment in a sustainable manner and evaluate the consequences of extreme meteorological events on populations and constructions is needed. The societal impact of these transitions cannot be overlooked or studied separately from these technological issues.

The objectives of the MISCEA programme are twofold. First, to contribute to these transitions through research and innovation in multiple fields and using interdisciplinary approaches. Second, to train future scientific leaders and decision-makers in an interdisciplinary manner to achieve excellence in the implementation of these ecological and energy transitions. To achieve these goals, the programme will build on the excellence of the research conducted in the 12 laboratories overseen by the Beneficiary, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. The Institution will also rely on its strong interactions with the private sector to provide the 18 PhD fellows with a fruitful environment to develop their employability skills. A solid participation of industrial partners, as Associated partners, in this research training program as well as the related activities are at the heart of the development of MISCEA Programme and is intended to intensify during the project.

The implementation of the programme will be based on the best practices in terms of open and fair recruitment, with a strong focus on diversity and excellence in the recruited cohorts. The programme will also strive to foster group cohesion among the MISCEA PhD fellows. The membership of Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées of the European University Alliance EELISA will be an asset for the implementation of the programme, in terms of information dissemination, recruitment and secondment opportunities.


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