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Advanced manufacturing of self-sensing bio-based membranes for environmental detoxification and revalorization


Among the myriad of toxics that contribute to water toxicity, heavy metals derived from mining have a huge impact in our environment even at very low doses. In parallel, mines play a pivotal role in the industrial/technical development of our societies. Usually, mining acid drainages or polluted waters are accompanied by critical raw elements (CRE). Today passive disperse alkaline Dispersed Alkaline Substrate (DAS) reactors is one of the technologies (TRL-9) that blocks the scape of these toxic elements from mines. For instance, heavy metals and valuable metals (CRE) are concentrated at different levels of DAS reactors during operation.
So, envisioning a technology able to develop a circular economy for mining water by coupling its remediation to the recovery of valuable resources concentrated in DAS is highly appealing from environmental end economic point of views. SELFAQUASENS project brings key academic and non-academic actors within and beyond EU to develop a modular self-sensing filter and membrane technology able to: (I) remediate heavy metals and salinity pollutions in mining water, (II) couple the remediation to the recovery of CRE and (II) sense the concentration of specific elements or groups of elements during the process.
SELFAQUASENS joints varied interdisciplinary and intersectoral expertise in an International research and training network formed by 5 universities, 2 large scale research facilities, 2 research centers and 2 SMEs. As a result, the R&I system of Europe will be strengthened by an ambitious exchange and training program that covers all the research disciplines, sectors and international actors needed to achieve the objectives of the action. The project will have significant impacts in the short to long terms into the EU society, economy and environment by: (I) pursuing the mission for toxic-free rivers and oceans, creating new sources of CRE for the EU economy, and improving the health and quality of the EU citizens.



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