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A Roadmap for Industrial Symbiosis Standardisation for Efficient Resource Sharing

Project description

Working towards industrial symbiosis standardisation

Along the path towards increased sustainability efficiency and resource conservation, industrial symbiosis (IS) is crucial. Unfortunately, the difficulty of IS standardisation as well as a lack of previous standards and its cross-sectoral nature hamper implementation. The EU-funded RISERS project aims to overcome these challenges and accelerate and improve the implementation of IS. The project will develop a roadmap towards standardisation followed by identifying promising opportunities, coordinating with policymakers, and encouraging research and innovation with the help of experts and stakeholders. Finally, utilising acquired data, the project will adapt the roadmap and make efforts to improve resource circularity.


Industrial symbiosis (IS) is a key solution to address the challenges of conserving natural resources, yet the lack of standards and the difficulty in IS standardisation due to its cross-sectoral nature and additional bottlenecks impede the uptake of IS solutions. RISERS aims to address such bottlenecks through the development of a roadmap towards IS standardisation, promoting resource sharing and the integration of new R&I results to support IS. To this aim, we will operate in several dimensions: (1) Identification of gaps and opportunities in existing sectoral practices and standards for the uptake of priority IS synergies; (2) promote the uptake and contribution of R&I results to IS standardisation through identifying demand-led R&I priorities, as well as through identifying barriers and enablers to market entry for innovative IS solutions; (3) engaging the policy community in IS standardisation through suggesting new or adjusting existing policy Frameworks and initiatives. These activities will be conducted through constant engagement of experts and stakeholders from the industry, standardization bodies, academia, policy, funding bodies and additional relevant stakeholders and continuous dissemination op results and knowledge for their uptake, fostering community building, knowledge exchange and cross-sectoral collaboration. Based on the knowledge developed and gained in all these activities, RISERS will develop a roadmap for developing new or adjusting existing directions IS standardisation to promote circularity of resources. In the long run, thorough facilitating IS standardization RISERS will contribute to, among others, effective use of resources and cross-sectoral interoperability in resource sharing, easier market entry for innovative IS enabling technologies, improved integration of R&I results in IS standardization, cost savings & new revenues from increased adoption of IS and increased EU participation in international standardization.


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