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The overall objective of the Nordic hydrogen energy valley (CONVEY) project is to establish and demonstrate a hydrogen closed-loop ecosystem in the Hirtshals Port (HP), Northern Denmark, by deploying an innovative, economically viable and renewable energy system (RES) infrastructure. Annually, 550 tons of green hydrogen will be produced via using the renewable electricity (32,160MWh / year) generated by the windmills located in the industrial area of the port. Efficient downstream management of both hydrogen and electrolysis’ by-products, i.e. excess heat, oxygen, will be enabled by an integrated and synergetic sector coupling, involving the greater value chain of the port. The CONVEY valley mainly constitutes of i) the renewable (wind) energy production site at the Hirtshals port site, that powers ii) a 4MW hydrogen production facility, also located at HP’s premises, iii) the pipeline infrastructure for fast and climate-friendly H2, heat and O2 distribution (retrofitting of existing gas grid and new builds) and iv) the initial three off-takers, comprising road transport logistics and food industry for both primary production through aquaculture (O2 and excess heat for marine nutrition production) and biorefinery for food ingredients (H2 for powering enzymatic hydrolysis process technology). Overall, CONVEY will unlock unseen value for the Hirtshals region and beyond by 2050, i) economically: accumulated revenues of €23.86bn and €17.89bn for the H2 system and RES operators, respectively, as well as accumulated savings of €1.70bn €471m, €877m and €640m respectively for the H2 transport off-takers, as well as food industry off-takers of H2, O2 and heat energy; ii) environmentally: accumulated overall savings (transport and food industry sectors) of 75.34 megatons (Mt) of CO2-equivalents (CO2-e) by displacing fossil fuel driven activities; iii) socially: 825 and 30,285 accumulated full-time and temporary jobs created for operating and installing the systems.


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