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AI-Enhanced fibre-Wireless Optical 6G network in support of connected mobility


The 6G-EWOC project aims to contribute to the development of future 6G-AI based networks by ending with TRL-4-level developments on critical technologies and devices for expanding the reach of 6G, especially in high mobility scenarios. It is addressing Key Societal Value indicators (KVI) defined by the Work Programme and developing KV enablers such as services for coordination, precise positioning and localization, multi-agent supporting network architecture and joint communication and sensing. The three ambitions of 6G-EWOC focus on: AMB1, Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) for V2V and high-rate (Gb/s) V2I applications, chip-scale optical beamformers, and developing connected laser/radio detection, ranging, and communication (Lidar/Radar). AMB2, PIC and ASIC for tuneable transmitter and receiver concepts for fiber-based fronthaul supporting 50 Gbps and 100 Gbps per wavelength over DWDM fiber links and SDN-enabled photonic switching. AMB3 focuses on AI-assisted control and orchestration of resources for the multi-band, heterogeneous 6G-EWOC network concept and AI-based applications development for autonomous vehicles. Up to 17 KPIs are expected to be validated at three final demonstrations.
In conclusion, 6G-EWOC search to develop an AI-enhanced fibre-wireless optical 6G network in support of connected mobility by creating a new access network for high mobility scenarios and expanding the reach of 6G through the integration of optical and wireless technologies, free space optics, and joint communication and sensing. It is supported by a fast, reconfigurable, highly dynamic, and customizable optical fiber fronthaul infrastructure, minimizing optoelectronic transitions by tuneable and programmable devices and low energy photonic switching of (packet/optical) spectrum and spatial resources, controlled by AI-based SDN. Providing end-to-end connectivity between AI-based edge computation units supporting connected mobility in a fast reconfigurable network architecture.


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