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Improving Problem Tracking through Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques


The objectives of the proposed application experiment are:

* to assess the practical interest of process modelling and enactment techniques, through the use of one of the very few currently commercially available tools: 'Process Weaver' by Cap Gemini Innovation;
* to introduce process modelling and enactment techniques in the enterprise through a real life industrial application case involving concrete implementations in a well delimited area of the full product life cycle: problem tracking (mainly during integration, validation, and maintenance phases); though relatively small, this area of the life cycle is recognised to be very important with respect to industrial maturity, and is one in which such techniques are anticipated to be able to bring decisive support;
* to allow through this action the improvement of industrial practices in this area, and ensure the repeatability and measurability of the problem handling process;
* to gain experience in the implementation of such techniques, in order to be able to extend their usage to other areas of the enterprise's activity.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Matra Marconi Space France
31 Rue Des Cosmonautes Zone Industrielle Du Palays
31077 Toulouse

Participants (1)

Intecs Sistemi SpA