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Preparing SME Software Houses to SQA Implementation


The experiment proposed is designed to select, install, and evaluate Software Engineering procedures in a software development process for industrial control systems in an SME(Small and Medium Enterprise) in the following areas:

a) requirements management;
b) modelling of the life cycle of software developed within the organisation;
c) co-ordination and communication with non-software groups involved in system design;
d) planning and monitoring of the software project.

The intervention in these areas, which are closely linked to one another, is focused - in order to guarantee a methodical and controlled process - on organisational, methodological and technical aspects, the implementation of which is of keystone importance to the introduction of an SQA(Software Quality Assurance) function which is not currently applicable, given the present state of software development and methodological awareness.

The presence of regulations concerning the validation of computerised systems issued by international government bodies, aimed at formalising inspection of the software process, in the main area of activity of prime users, means that one of the chief objectives of the experiment be that the intervention in the areas identified should generate conformity with existing directives. The limited resources of an SME and the need to retain a good level of competitiveness means that the drive towards conformity is tempered and guided by the goal of achieving a real increase in quality and cost-effectiveness in software production activities. The scope of the experiment is therefore to set up mechanisms able to evaluate SE procedures, also taking into account the foregoing parameters.

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