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Rebuilding Joint Surface to Prevent Pain and Immobility


A healthy layer of articular cartilage at the end of bones in joints is essential for painless movement. When cartilage is damaged, it has minimal innate regenerative properties and there is no effective medical cure. Cartilage damage seriously reduce quality of life and has severe economic impact since loss of cartilage leads to osteoarthritis (OA) that causes hundreds of billions of Euros healthcare and related costs annually.

Many attempts have been made to restore joint surface cartilage, but the tissue has shown to be extremely difficult to rebuild.

Askel has developed a unique way to rebuild joint surfaces for pain-free movement. COPLA® is a biodegradable implant that creates a weight-adaptive microenvironment in the damaged site enabling quick rehabilitation and cartilage regeneration to prevent OA.

COPLA® will become the Gold Standard for early cartilage repair with rapid recovery and long-term results, ensuring pain-free movement, high quality of life and prevention of OA.


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