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A transcatheter functional valve replacement for tricuspid valve insufficiency


Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is a cardiac disorder in which the tricuspid valve leaks during systole causing blood backflow, resulting in decreased cardiac output. TR is the most common valvular heart disease affecting 65%-85% of the global population in its mild form. However, mild TR can progress to severe TR, leading to heart failure or death if left untreated. Today, the only option for treatment is valve repair or replacement through open-heart surgery, which is associated with high mortality rates, risks, and costs. Over 3M patients suffer from TR in Europe, and for the majority, their condition is too severe for surgery; therefore, there is no effective treatment. Innoventric has developed the Trillium™ - a transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement solution: the whole procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed in 30mins. Within the EIC project, Innoventric will finalize the clinical validation of its device, ensuring safe and timely intervention for TR patients.


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