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The ProM platform: New ways to drug the undruggable


Existing pharmaceutical methods can only target 15% of all proteins in the human proteome. Given this limitation, pharmaceutical companies are running out of options to develop effective drugs to tackle hard-to-treat diseases. To have a better chance of fighting these diseases, further targets of the remaining, so far undruggable 85% of our proteome need to be unlocked.
PROSION developed a disruptive platform of chemical building blocks called ProMs. The ProM-platform addresses a specific class of yet undruggable proteins linked to hard-to-treat-diseases. ProMs can be combined into small molecule drugs to target proteins that play a key-role in pathologies such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases and immune mediated disorders.
The platform’s potential is currently being validated: in its first project, PROSION addresses a yet undruggable target to potentially provide new therapies for pancreatic and breast cancer and fight drug-resistance effects within cancer therapies.


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