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SmartFuse: Game-changer to create a new gold-standard for spinal fusion surgery with wirelessly technology


Spinal surgery has a significant failure rate of 18% leading to devastating complications for patients. With the knowledge that bone remodels naturally using electric signals, we are transferring cutting edge neuromodulation technology into the orthopaedic field. We incorporate our proprietary, wirelessly powered bio-electrical stimulation system into standard orthopaedic implants. Our first product, SmartFuse, addresses the issues of non-union and bone overgrowth in spinal fusion surgery by harnessing the local delivery of electrical stimulation to accelerate bone growth and control the formation of new bone. In addition to accelerating and controlling bone growth, SmartFuse can measure the quantity and quality of new bone, enabling real-time feedback on the progress of healing to the physician and other caregivers. Through EIC funding, we will complete a clinical pilot trial, and prepare a pivotal study demonstrating efficiency and safety to achieve the necessary market approvals.


Intelligent Implants Sweden AB
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