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A 100% sustainable and infinitely scalable electrical energy storage system


AquaBattery is a revolutionary battery storage technology that offers unlimited storage capacity, inexpensive scaling and is 100% sustainable. AquaBattery is based on a simple principle: input renewable energy, store it in seawater, then return electricity when there is energy demand. The core innovation is the use of seawater as a sustainable, safe and scalable energy storage medium. This is enabled by the company’s patented membrane stack technology that utilizes bi-polar membrane electrodialysis and reverse electrodialysis for energy storage and discharge. During the charging phase, saltwater flows through the membrane stack and produces an acid and base stream that is stored in tanks. During discharge, the solutions flow back through the membrane stack to generate salt water and release energy. With this disruptive solution, AquaBattery aims at revolutionizing the energy storage world, fostering the growth of renewable energy technologies and stopping the use of toxic materials.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 263 404,50
Lijnbaan 3c
2352 CK Leiderdorp

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West-Nederland Zuid-Holland Agglomeratie Leiden en Bollenstreek
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 970 030,50