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Next-generation weather intelligence for more accurate decision making throughout the economy

Project description

3D weather monitoring for climate resilience

The escalating threat of climate change and its existing impacts on global communities have underscored the urgency for effective and feasible solutions in weather prediction and monitoring. The EIC-funded SKYFORA project seeks to address this imperative by creating an innovative technology. This technology is aimed at providing precise and comprehensive 3D weather information and patterns using GNSS signal delay data. Additionally, it will offer real-time global readings instead of being limited to specific locations like conventional alternatives. Ultimately, the gathered data will assist in anticipating impending weather changes and hazardous phenomena, thereby mitigating potential loss of life and financial harm.


In light of climate change, people around the world must increasingly cope with unexpected and unfavourable weather conditions with significant impact on the proper functioning of societies. Although significant work is done to mitigate climate change, it is inevitable that reversing the course will take time. Meanwhile, it is essential to adapt to the new reality and the key to this is better understanding of weather.
For this purpose, Skyfora is developing a ground-breaking innovation that is the first to provide accurate and detailed weather information in 3D derived from GNSS signal delay data. This technology enables real-time measurement of the most important weather parameters around the globe, instead of certain measured locations. As a result, the threats of extreme weather phenomena (storms, floods, snowstorms, heatwaves etc) can be continuously monitored and timely measures can be taken to save lives and mitigate economic disruptions and financial risks.


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€ 2 498 561,63

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