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Revolutionary vascular repair patch to treat aortic dissections


Aortyx has developed a biomimetic bioresorbable adhesive patch to treat aortic dissections. It is inserted in the aorta through a femoral access using an endovascular catheter and a deployer. The patch adheres to the aortic tear, stopping false lumen blood flow, and promotes natural repair and biointegration thanks to its patented microstructure and viscoelasticity. Current endovascular approaches use rigid grafted stents, that have multiple drawbacks with continuing high mortality rates. These approaches will be replaced by our viscoelastic biomimetic patch that has minimal side-effects and promotes natural repair of the artery. Consequently, our device will reduce AD-associated mortality and improve post-intervention life quality of patients. It will also reduce post-operative stay and increase patient eligibility. We seek EIC Accelerator funding to fund the testing that will prove the scalability of our solution and set us on the path to becoming a global champion of aortic devices.


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€ 2 500 000,00
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