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NEURoVERS-it will combine brain research, cognitive research, research on new robot concepts and medical feasibility experiments with the goal of developing long-term spin-off applications. The project builds an interdisciplinary "research training programme" with 10 top research institutes in 4 EU-countries, Switzerland and an accessing country to raise a next generation of interdisciplinary researchers. It merges two complementary academic networks in the field to set-up a Virtual Pan-European Training and Career development Programme in Neuro-Cognitive Science and IT.

The core research objective of the programme is to study the functional plasticity (adaptability) in living neuronal networks and multi-modal sensory information processing as a basis for developing bio-inspired control architectures for next generation robots and breakthrough medical application such as neuronal connected prosthesis. Potential impact and importance for Europe is high as it sets the stage f or breakthrough products and applications based on the unique adaptive capacity of biological systems. The partners will recruit 11 ESR's and 7 ER's to participate in an international "training by research" programme to develop their skills as an interdisciplinary researcher on the crossroad of the indicated research areas.

Five "interdisciplinary researchers skill profiles" have been especially designed to streamline the development of a coherent career plan in line with the long terms research needs. The academic partners offer more than 30 interdisciplinary academic training courses linked to the skill profiles.

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