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Power Oriented low cost and safe MatErials for Li-ion batteries


POMEROL intends to develop high power, low-cost and intrinsically safe lithium-ion batteries by a breakthrough in materials. The materials and batteries will be used for fuel-cell hybrid and conventional hybrids drive-train automotive applications. The challenging objective is to develop new materials to strongly reduce cost of high power lithium-ion batteries to 25 EUR/kW, one of the very critical issues for a widespread development of this bottleneck technology for fuel-cell hybrids.

This objective will be achieved together with two others, to provide a high power battery with a long life and an intrinsically safe electrochemistry. Technical and cost specifications are targeted for the battery, the cell and each new material to be developed in order to reach these goals. We propose innovative solutions through the development of speciality materials; LiFePO4, lithiated metal fluorinated oxides, non-flammable ionic liquids based electrolytes and high performance graphitised carbons will respond to the very ambitious challenge of adequate low-cost, safety and life. POMEROL combines the complementary skills of 7 industrial partners from 4 European countries and specialised subcontractors, having proven expertise in the research, development and production of materials and batteries. Having automotive end-users, material suppliers and a battery maker allows a rapid validation of results, savings of time and resources.

The work will contribute to 6th FP priorities through beneficial effects on the cost, environment (reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of urban transport) and more efficient use of energy (high efficiency Li-ion batteries). Good relationship already exists between several partners through previous EU collaboration. It will help to make this project a success, will favour the formation of a European cluster of competencies and contribute to developing the competitiveness of industry in markets strongly dominated by Asian industry.

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