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Roberta goes EU


Roberta-EU addresses the lack of female engineers by raising girls' interest for technical professions. Roberta-EU uses robotics as a holistic approach to gain knowledge in IT, electrical engineering, and mechanics. Courses are tailored towards gender related issues using robot construction kits offer hands-on experience.

This setting is well suited to create interest and even enthusiasm for technical subjects. Roberta-EU provides training courses and comprehensive teaching materials for primary and secondary school children. The objective of Roberta-EU is to promote the best practice experience made in the German Project Roberta to the European level.

The main objectives are
- Set-up a dissemination network of regional centres to promote the ideas behind Roberta to several European countries.
- Teach the teachers to use of robot construction kits in schools as a means to teach interdisciplinary technical contents especially - but not only - for girls
- Assess, document and evaluate the experiences made in courses performed in these regional pilot centres.
- Promote the inclusion of these didactic course elements into national curricula.

The Roberta-EU network will connect already established activities. Activities should focus under the brand Roberta in order to propagate technical education in the public and towards curricula. Roberta-EU includes an advisory board. The members of the advisory board are well-recognized people in the field and will give publicity and prestige to the project.

They will propagate Roberta-EU in their countries by finding appropriate regional centres, by giving advice in order to consider local peculiarities (school system, culture), and by supporting the introduction of Roberta methods to national curricula.

Call for proposal

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