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Software change and configuration management in a banking outsourcing factory


Considering that the goal of Istiservice is to supply a banking service where the customer satisfaction has the highest priority and that software is the main component of the service provided, the improvement of software change and configuration management is the first requirement to raise the productivity, the quality level and the timeliness of supplied services. Furthermore, the capability of measuring the benefits (by using the proper tool) will trigger the attitude towards continuos improvement. For this purpose, two main objectives have been set: the first is to evaluate the stability of all delivered software procedures; for each procedure, it will be measured as the number of faults occurred while in operation; the second is to evaluate the cost of managing any new software delivery. It will be measured as the effort spent, with respect to the size and to the complexity of the software to be delivered


The experiment will be carried out through the following main phases:

- the definition of the process both by identifying the new software change life cycle, and by defining the procedures, rules and tools to be used for the Configuration Management.
- the definition and set up of the new measurement system;
- the application of the defined process to the baseline project which has been chosen as a subset of software banking procedures.

At the end of the project, the procedures, methods and tools applied to the baseline project will be extended to the whole Information System.


At the end of the project, we expect to achieve the following results:

- The centralisation of the Change and Configuration Management Process, guaranteed by a change management tool purposely customised and by the introduction of proper methods. It allows to define the whole life cycle of the SW change, the roles and the responsibilities, and leads to a more effective control of the whole management process;
- the setting up of a Configuration Management System ensuring that all the SW components can be easily identified and the possibility of restoring the last SW version and the change history;
- the definition of a measurement system in order to monitor the whole Change Management Process.

Finally, we remark that the better quality of the released product is in accordance with the initiatives undertaken by the General Manager, such as the set up of the Quality System towards the ISO9001 certification.

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