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Re-use approach on application development


Within the BRAVO (Business Reengineering AmbroVenetO) project, a business reengineering project whose main goal is to reengineer some of the key business processes of the bank, the bank needs to review its software development process, which means: to improve the productivity and the quality of the software development process in order to provide an appropriate service level to the bank and, above all, to guarantee the development of the systems whose requirements will be generated by BRAVO.


The goal of the experiment will be achieved:

1) experimenting, within the baseline project, the reuse capabilities provided by the software development tools that will be used (i.e. Object-Oriented);
2) strengthening reuse through the adoption of organisational procedures, techniques in the various software developments areas (both local/PC based and traditional host-based);
3) measuring improvements related to productivity and quality of software development;
4) defining specific training plans for the software development people.

The experiment will be performed within the New Branch Project (which is our baseline project and an important sub project of BRAVO).
Banco Ambroveneto development team employs 300 people, 30 of them are involved in the New Branch project team.


BAV expects that the adoption of new approaches, methods and tools in the software production life cycle will improve the internal productivity and the general quality of software, in particular: shorter design and development times, faster test and debug cycles, better coverage of the test cases.


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