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Immersive Multi-View System for Co-located Collaboration

Project description

Organic and large-area electronics, visualisation and display systems

Virtual environments hold the promise to provide a shared space in which such collaborative interactions of multiple users with virtual 3D models could occur as easily and smoothly as they would in the real world. Large projection-based stereoscopic displays are the most successful incarnation of such immersive virtual environments. These systems use a fixed view point or track the head position of a single user and compute a stereoscopic image pair for that point of view. Unfortunately, when non-tracked users see these images, the virtual environment may appear severely distorted and it changes shape when users are moving.The project IMVIS will carry out research to develop novel projection-based stereoscopic multi-view systems for co-located collaborative 3D displays for multiple users. The main challenges of the project are:• develop projection and projector technology, synchronisation methods and high precision alignment algorithms for multi-projector multi-view approaches for single screen and tiled display configurations• develop wireless high speed active and active-passive stereo glasses• develop, build and evaluate a commercial quality projection-based stereoscopic multi-view display system for at least six tracked users• develop, build and evaluate a prototypical projection-based stereoscopic multi-view system for at least 10 tracked people• develop build and evaluate wireless input device prototypes and interaction techniques for collaborative multi-user interfaces in co-located multi-view environments• develop, implement and evaluate collaborative automotive application scenarios

Call for proposal

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Hansastrasse 27c
80686 Munchen

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Bayern Oberbayern München, Kreisfreie Stadt
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Research Organisations
Administrative Contact
Andrea Zeumann (Ms)
EU contribution
€ 540 198,00

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