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Interface of Intelligent Control Philosophy and Mechatronics Technology for Tyre-Surface Interaction


The project covers the methodological and technological investigations on the controllability problems of the tyre friction, slip and rolling resistance with the aim to enhance the road safety and to reduce energy losses by vehicle driving. The research tooling will be created using the intelligent control methods, primarily on a basis of fuzzy logic, and promising mechatronics technique. The key objectives of the project are: - Development of the engineering applications of artificial intelligence, intelligent control and terrain mechanics for the problems of the wheel rolling and vehicle safety control; - Knowledge acquisition regarding the analytical tooling for the mechatronical control on tyre/surface parameters. - New technique for the vehicle/in-traffic control enhancing road safety with the monitoring and forecasting functions for the tyre/road interaction parameters; - Development of the mechatronics tyre technology reducing the rolling resistance and friction losses. Main points of research methodology are: - Integrated methods of applied dynamics, tribology and thermodynamics to develop a global tyre model. - Fuzzy sets and fuzzy control theory to develop the new methods of identification, monitoring and forecasting for the tyre properties. - Methods of building and analysis of integrated mechatronical modules and systems. - Experimental methods using the modern test-rig equipment with visualization technique. - Procedures of software fusion to test the new tyre technologies. It is intended to obtain the following results: - Complex of intelligent control methods with reference to the tyre/surface interaction - Fundamentally new control strategy for vehicle safety systems including the application of on-board and off-board information area for tyre/surface interaction - Implementation of mechatronics technologies into the tyre construction to meet the purposes for the creation of the promising wheel movers with intelligent functions.

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Ehrenbergstrasse 29
98693 Ilmenau
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 225 134,85
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Thomas Mirow (Mr.)