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European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health


Outbreaks of major animal diseases and zoonoses can have a devastating impact. The challenge is to facilitate and accelerate the development and deployment of new and more effective tools to control animal diseases and zoonoses. This will improve human and animal health, animal welfare, food safety, market access, and will contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. On 16 December 2004 the European Commission in partnership with the industry launched a European Technology Platform on Global Animal Health (ETPGAH). The ETPGAH is industry driven and will create a partnership covering the whole chain from innovation to the delivery of new vaccines and diagnostic tests. The aim is to develop and deliver the most up to date tools to control major animal diseases and zoonoses. The platform will strengthen the European Research Area and enhance European competitiveness by contributing to the development of a strong European based bio-economy. This in turn will contribute to the competitiveness of the EU animal health, agriculture and food industries. The Specific Support Action (SSA) is to establish and consolidate the (ETPGAH). It will bring together all the major stakeholders from industry, consumers, users, regulator, research, academia, international organisations, and policy makers in the EU and Member States. This project will produce a final Vision Document, which will be used as a guide to develop and agree a Strategic Research Agenda up to 2015. Linked to this will be an Action Plan to implement the recommendations contained in the final vision document. A communication strategy to ensure openness and transparency will be an important component of this SSA to enable all stakeholders to be involved. In addition the ETPGAH will be complementary and work closely in the development of the strategy for the Community Animal Health Policy 2007 to 2013.

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