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European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health

Final Report Summary - ETPGAH (European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health)

This is the final report of the 'European Technology Platform global animal health' (ETPGAH) project. During the 30 month period all the objectives of the Specific Support Action (SSA) were met. The ETPAH Vision 2015 document was published in August 2005, the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) was published in July 2006 and the Action Plan was published in July 2007.

The specific objectives of the SSA were to support the platform by funding:
- the critical meetings of stakeholders, working groups, and governance bodies.
- the administrative actions necessary to organise meetings with the preparation of agendas, meeting documents and minutes.
- the preparation and endorsement by all stakeholders and publication of minutes, vision document and the SRA with Action Plan.
- The platform web site with up to date information.
- A communication strategy to ensure all stakeholders were involved.

The SSA facilitated the delivery of the ETPGAH objectives by supporting the development of the platform thorough four specific project work packages as follows:
- Work package 1: to establish and maintain a formal structure to involve all stakeholders and to introduce a flexible but comprehensive governance structure. The outcome by end of the project in December 2007 was a fully established and operational platform with participation by a wide range of stakeholders. The final version of the vision 2015 document was published and widely distributed in August 2005.
- Work package 2: to create and finalise the SRA for the next 10 years and to engage with international and national public authorities. The objective of this work package was fully met with the publication of the SRA for the development and delivery of new and more effective tools to control the major diseases and zoonoses in animals. The project deliverables and milestones were met.
- Work package 3: to develop and monitor the Action Plan to implement the SRA and to engage with international and national public authorities. The objective of this work package was also fully met with the development of an action plan for the delivery of the SRA necessary to improve the process from innovation to the delivery of new or improved products. The project deliverables were met but the milestone for the delivery of the Action Plan was delayed from September 2006 to July 2007.
- Work package 4: to manage the project and develop a communication strategy. A fully operational ETPGAH was established and worked effectively during the period of the project. Meetings and workshops were organised by the secretariat established at the beginning of the project. The project management dealt with all the financial aspects of the project.

It was also decided as part of the project to encourage the establishment of national mirror groups with the ETPGAH providing encouragement and assistance as appropriate. No blueprint existed for mirror groups and each was structured to meet the needs of the individual country. The mirror groups developed a dialogue with all relevant interested parties in their country, including representatives from governments (ministries), universities, specific research organisations, if existing, and professional organisations (farmers, vets) in order to avoid duplication of efforts and assess the existing resources and potential joint development possibilities. By the end of the project a number of active mirror groups had been established.

The Vision 2015 document, SRA and the Action Plan were disseminated widely. Contact was maintained with DG SANCO with input into the development of the new Community Animal Health Strategy for the European Union (2007-2013). The ETPGAH board was invited to attend meetings of the SCAR working group on animal health and welfare as an observer and were provided with regular opportunities to update the group with progress. Discussions took place during the final six months of the project to ensure the financial sustainability of the ETPGAH once the Commission funding ceased. It was anticipated that a budget of EUR 40 000 to EUR 80 000 was necessary to maintain an active platform.