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High Level Expert Group on European Low Dose Risk Research


"The magnitude of risks from exposure to low and protracted doses of ionising radiation is an important policy issue. The uncertainties in the magnitude of risks at low doses are considerable, as are the associated social and economic implications. These uncertainties are further exacerbated by increasing evidence that the magnitude of risk may vary considerably between some individuals depending on their genetic makeup. Better quantification of risks at low dose and how they vary between individuals will impact policy in many areas, for example: - the management of spent fuel 01 high level waste where the concern is potential exposure of populations tο very small doses over extremely long time periods - decisions on screening programmes (eg. mammography) where a balance must be sought between the benefits and the potential harm - the identification of those who are more ""radiosensitive"", through genetic screening, etc. Better understanding of the magnitude and variability of the risks will, in each case, have major benefits for public health and resource utilisation. There has been little effort or commitment to integrate national and internaţional activities/programmes. This needs to change in future given the nature, scale and importance of the challenges to be addressed in low dose lisk research. Without effective collaboration at a European, if not international, level, progress will be far slower than policy needs dictate and this may have health and economic implications. In this context, a HLEG on low dose risk research will be established in order to better structure and integrate European research in this area and link it with similar research being carried out elsewhere."

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Willy-brandt-strasse 5
38226 Salzgitter
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 75 000
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Guenter Bueter (Mr.)