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The new high productive platform for 3D main objective of NANOMICRO project is to provide the manufacturing industry with an entirely nanomicromanufacturing platform, by way of a new micron scale resolution and an innovative direct parallel-deposition process. The process will be able to deliver a layer wise manufacturing approach using highly focalized powder/heat fluxes, with dimensions in the micron range. This will allow to control spatial resolution within the same limit and building up parts with such extreme control of the (fully dense) bulk materials. The S/T objectives of the project will provide: -several submicron powder grades as aggregates of nanocrystals; -implementation of highly localized powder fluxes to drive high accuracy object fabrication, on the scale of better than 5 µm; -online monitoring allowing combinations of accuracy and productivity to be achieved at which the technology will become a new production tool, for 3D metal parts integrating nanostructures; -High-precision and High-production (HP2) micro-manufacturing deposition strategies; -multimaterial (gradient) deposition using different powder types on the same layer; -integrated materials and component ecodesign; -nano(micro)manufacturing principles by allowing integration of nanoscale structures first at powder level (micron agglomerates) and then at 3D part level (mm); -HP2 microfabrication station capable of enhanced accuracy and faster micro-objects deposition (typically 1x1 mm/each) by using single laser sintering head or microwave parallelized multi- sintering heads; -Make the developed machine available for exploitation primarily within the EU manufacturing industry. NANOMICRO project fully responds to the call topic extending the microfabrication process capabilities by encompassing a wider range of innovative materials and geometric shapes, satisfying functional and technical requirements, allowing the emerging of new microproducts in many technological fields.

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