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Nonlinearity management of atomic and optical systems


The proposal is devoted to the investigation of nonlinear management of electromagnetic waves in optical systems and matter waves in Bose-Einstein condensates. The problems te be addressed include: investigation of processes of modulational instability in systems with a strong nonlinearity management; developments of the theory of surface states in nonlinear optical lattices and photonic crystals; control of tunneling in multi-well trap potentials for the condensates with the temporal management of an atomic scattering length and the analysis of possibility for creation of an atomic transistor in such system; dynamical stabilization of multidimensional multi-component condensates by means of nonlinearity management; study of the properties of localized states in condenstaes with a spatial management of nonlinearity; derivation of nonlinear lattice models for the description of a dipolar condensates in a deep optical lattices; the investigation of existence of stable localized states in the paritry-temporal symmetric nonlinear optical lattices.

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1649 004 Lisboa

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Continente Área Metropolitana de Lisboa Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Ana Paula Carreira (Dr.)
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€ 202 847,71

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