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Contenu archivé le 2024-05-29

Exploring synergistic gamma-amino butyric acid transporter interactions in vertebrate native and expression systems


Recent findings, demonstrating a synergistic anticonvulsant interaction between two gamma-amino butyric acid transporter (GAT) antagonists, tiagabine and EF1502 prompt a need to elucidate the possible mechanisms underlying such an interaction.

The primary scientific aim of this project will be to study the interactions between GATs in controlled biological model systems: in human embrionic kidney (HEK293) cell lines and Xenopus laevisoocytes expressing different GAT subtypes and in cultured neurones and a strocytes from the central nervous system.

The methods to be used and learned through research include uptake studies in combination with radioactive detection and two-electrode voltage-clamp of substrate-induced currents. The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DUPS) in Copenhagen, a former Marie Curie Training Site, is an internationally recognised educational- and research centre.

It's intersectorial (with close ties to the pharmaceutical industry) and interdisciplinary character provides an opportunity for the proposer to develop his scientific and personal career by getting international experience in a leading European research group. The home institution, the Chemical Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (CRC HAS) is a distinguished 'Centre of Excellence' in Budapest.

This is also an opportunity for both DUPS and the home institution, to realize a two-way transfer of knowledge through cooperation in research and training, in the field of neuropharmacology.

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