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Magnetohydrodynamic Problems in Astrophysics and in the Laboratory


The reintegration grant will serve to fund some of my postdoctoral activities in the context of the multidisciplinary collaboration(MAGNET. The aims of the project are the improvement of our understanding of magnetic fields in the universe through numerical and theoretical work, and the development of freely available state-of-the-art numerical codes.

During the reintegration grant I will be working on code development, on astrophysical magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) problems related to the physics of young stars, accretion disks and the ISM, and on a continuation of my previous research: protostellar jets. Thus strengthening and extending my knowledge of MHD laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. Although the host organization has world reputation in these fields I will also bring a new approach through laboratory experiments of astrophysical relevance.

Indeed during my Marie Curie Fellowship (2005-2008) I have acquired considerable skills in the development and running of massively parallel MHD codes, to simulate both astrophysical and laboratory plasmas. I have worked on the development and modeling of a series of experiments that are providing unique insights into the physics of astrophysical jets. I have also gained project management and leadership skills: having proposed and successfully obtained funds to access the Marenostrum supercomputer in Spain, and to organize a European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop.

The reintegration grant will be vital to provide a certain level of independence; in particular I intend to attend international conferences and workshops, and to take part in specialist courses to further extend my skills and career perspectives. Overall the combination of a host with an exceptional research reputation, a strong network of collaborations, including my old institute, and the multidisciplinary research programme proposed, will considerably enhance my professional integration and long-term job stability opportunities.

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Rue Michel Ange 3
75794 Paris
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 30 000
Administrative Contact
Gilles Traimond (Mr.)