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Increasing efficiency of wind power plants for the production of energy


The aim of Wingy-Pro is to demonstrate the first ever large size transversal flux generator in an existing wind turbine. A determining factor for increasing the profitability of an offshore wind farm is the installation of wind turbines with a significantly high power capacity and low weight. Until now, the designs of large capacity turbines for offshore applications have been an up scaling of the existing smaller models. This has led to the construction of wind turbines with huge physical dimensions (e.g.: The E-112 has a hub height of 124 m and a rotor diameter of 114 m). Consequently, the weight of the turbines has increased considerably and the material-resistance of the blades, has been taken almost to its limits (rotor blades can reach a length of up to 61 m). These large dimension and weight have a negative influence on the economic efficiency of those offshore applications, because of the high costs for the foundation, transport and installation of the wind turbines. The objective of the project is to carry out the design and development of an improved generator technique through the transverse flux generator (TFG) with permanent magnets in the rotor. There are single-, two- or multi-phase machines, depending on the number of independent stator windings, which are mounted axially on the machine shaft. This technique has been known in the electro-field for years, but due to its strong vibrations and high noise emissions, it has been hardly used. Nowadays however, thanks to new and innovative manufacturing methods and to the development in modern micro-processing controls, the TFG can be used in practical applications.


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