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Mapping the NANOtechnology innovation system of RUssia for preparing future Cooperations between the EU and Russia


The EU is interested in obtaining a survey of main Russian research infrastructures active in nanotechnology and nano-structured materials as a basis for initiating future cooperations between the EU and Russia. In the NANORUCER activity two leading organization from the EU and Russia in the fields of innovation research and nantoechnology join forces to deliver this aim. Based on a performance analysis using bibliometrics and patent statistics and a careful in depth mapping of nanotechnology and nano-strucutured materials research activities in Russia, a strengths and weaknesses analysis of the Russian nanotechnology innovation system will be made. A systematic comparison with respective EU R&D activities in nanotechnology and nano-structured materials will allow identifying opportunities for future cooperations between the EU and Russia. These will be specified by thematic fields in order to detect areas of common interests with most benefits for cooperating partners. Involving Russian and EU stakeholders during workshops, recommendations for supporting such cooperations between the EU and Russia will be developed, and concrete actions proposed. A particular strength of the proposed support action is that it can build on a broad experience of both participants in analysing nanotechnology innovation systems. In previous projects the Russian partner has already developed databases of R&D organizations providing research on nanoscale and its staffs provided the expertise for the National Program of Infrastructure Development for Nanotechnology. In addition the participants will mobilize the in depth knowledge of their mother organizations, the Fraunhofer Society and in particular the Fraunhofer Alliance Nanotechnology, and the Russian Academy of Sciences, in nantotechnology R&D.

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