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Openmath-accessing and using mathematical information electronically


The primary objective of this project is to develop the technology to allow mathematics to be displayed in a meaningful way in modern multimedia computing environments.

The vehicle for achieving this and the principal result of the project will be the OpenMath Standard which will define a framework within which diverse software packages ranging from web browsers to electronic books can exchange semantically-rich representations of mathematical objects. The standard will do two principal things: it will lay down rules for the representation of such objects; and it will define the architecture that a piece of software has to adopt to be 'OpenMath-compliant'. To have a chance of being adopted widely, such a standard has to satisfy the following essential criteria:
1. It must not be biased towards any one particular application or software package.
2. It must be reasonably efficient.
3. It must be easily extensible.
4. It must allow interactions with other widely-used encodings (in this case LATEX and SGML/HTML).
The project intends to demonstrate that the OpenMath standard has these qualities through a series of prototypes involving mathematical software, electronic books and texts, and the world wide web. This prototyping and development activity will feed back into the definition of the standard, ensuring that it is usable in practice.
The ultimate objective for the project is to have OpenMath adopted by a suitable international standardisation body. Members of the Consortium are involved in related work in ISO (Mathematics subgroup of Working Group SC4/WG6) and the World Wide Web Consortium (the HTML-Math Working Group) and it is by these bodies that we hope to have OpenMath adopted.

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