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Treatment of high organic load, high temperature and high salinity industrial waste water containing recalcitrant contaminants


PROMETHEUS aims to treat high organic load high temperature (85°C), and high salinity industrial waste waters containing recalcitrant contaminants originating from injection/extrusion and post-washing processes in aluminium and rubber parts production industries. PROMETHEUS waste water treatment system treats these waste waters obtaining a final effluent meeting discharge requirements plus high purity water and chemicals (demoulding agent used in injection/extrusion processes) recovery for re-use plus a 99% reduction of waste production needing off-site treatment. There is no system in the market allowing for this. There is a competitive opportunity to export a new technology that addresses all these issues. There is pre-existing work done by members of the consortium on a batch system consisting in membrane filtration (UF/NF), reverse osmosis, and innovative evaporator units. The system has worked with waste water from rubber industries producing parts for the automotive industry. There is a need for further development of the system since it has only operated in batch and with one type of waste water. Adaption to other types of waste water will require studies on types of membranes and evaporators. There is also a need for controlling and modelling the system on a continuous mode and a cost-efficiency analysis. PROMETHEUS solution for waste water from injection/extrusion and washing processes in aluminium and rubber parts producing industries treatment results in a 99.5% water recovery for re-use in the plant (high quality water for even cooling towers use) and a 99% decrease in waste produced that needs off-site treatment. These figures result in the obvious environmental and economic (63% cost reduction compared to current waste water treatment systems use in the sectors) positive impacts. Expected benefits of the solution to the industrial waste water treatment sector are estimated to be €84.8 M of sales revenue after year 5 of commercialisation.

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