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Management of Indigenous Tree Species for Ecosystem Restoration and Wood Production in Semi-arid Miombo Woodlands in Eastern Africa


Management of indigenous tree species for the restoration of ecosystems, management of the water balance, provision of resources for rural livelihood, and sustainable production of wood are of great importance in semi-arid East and South Africa. Without effective measures, the deterioration of ecosystems including desertification, and poverty and rural depopulation will increase.

The establishment and management of plantation forests with exotic species have neither fulfilled commercial expectations nor benefited rural populations as much as expected. The management of native trees and forests with the intensive involvement of local communities seems to be a key alternative. Women in particular have shown great interest in establishing and managing tree crops and stands. About 90% of the energy consumption in Tanzania is derived from wood, mostly from overexploited indigenous woodlands.

The project focuses on developing methods for the management of indigenous forests of semi-arid East Africa. Communication and application of established research methods will be organized by initiating experimental studies in Tanzania and integrating it with coaching of Tanzanian researchers. The local farmers and communities will be consulted for knowledge of local needs, expectations and practices. Extension work, and cooperation with researchers in East and South African countries will be initiated.

Experimental and demonstration plots will be established to serve as a staging ground for demonstration and application of study methodologies appropriate for complex stand structures and dynamics, natural regeneration, growth periodicity of trees in the area, and pest problems as tree herbivore interactions. The project activities will also include internal seminars and workshops, several exchange assignments of 1-3 months each in Finland and Tanzania, group visits to experimental sites and local offices, and an international seminar organized in Tanzania.

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